Can I become involved with the project?
Sure, but there's not a great deal to do. It's not really something that can be expanded, just a simple front end I wrote in a couple of days (initially)

Can I do x with the project?
Do whatever you like as long as it doesn't go against the project's license - the GNU GPL. A copy is included with each release.

I've found a bug.
OK so it's not a question, and I hope it wont be frequent! But if you do, which is entirely likely, or you even think you have, please file a bug report. They can be found on the project's main sourceforge page.

How can I contact you?
You can contact me via berry120 "AT" users.sourceforge.net. Replacing the huge spam defeating "AT" with the usual @ of course.

So what's happening with apricots?
I'm not sure. See the home page for the latest updates.

Are you on the apricots development team?
Nope, not at all. I happened to stumbled across apricots in portage and became slightly addicted, couldn't help noticing there was no options screen, and so churned out this.

Why 0.1? Why not 1?
When my projects are in pre-final release stages, I give them 0.x version numbers. If the project is in beta it'll be 0.x. If it's a final release it'll shoot up to version 1 and go from there.

Have you written anything else?
Yes, I wrote the Black Guard software (http://phproxy-finder.sourceforge.net). It's licensed under the GNU GPL as well.

How often will apricots config be updated?
When it's necessary and when I get the time. I've obviously got things that come before this in my life, so it's a case of I'll get round to it when I can!

My question's still not answered.
Contact me, or if it's a bug, file a nice little bug report :) I'll usually reply to emails fairly quickly.