Welcome to apricots config!

This program was written as a configuration front end for the apricots game, found here. The game on its own requires manual editing of the configuration file to change options, there is at present no options screen. This graphical front end takes the hassle out of constantly editing the configuration file manually, as you can set options on the interface and the program will then write the configuration file for you. All you need to do is tell the program where your configuration file is!

This program is free and open source, much like apricots itself. Unlike apricots, it is written in java - this has the advantage that it is almost guaranteed to run on windows, linux or any other platform support by the JRE. For more questions, please visit the FAQ page.

Is apricots still being developed?

I'm not sure whether the game is in current development or not. While there is no mention of it being out of active development, the last update to the game and the site itself was in 2003, which leaves 4 years of not a lot. My gut feeling is that work on the game has stopped temporarily or permenantly, I doubt there's a lot that'd take 4 years or more to do with no updates. I may of course be wrong, I'll update if and when i know differently.

20/12/2007 - I've heard nothing back since I emailed in august a few months back, so I'm pretty sure it's inactive.